Modern privileged helper tools using SMJobBless + XPC

If you’ve ever needed to run a privileged task from a Mac application, you’ll probably be familiar with Apple’s BetterAuthorizationSample & SMJobBless sample code.

Unfortunately neither project really showcases a modern, sane, secure way of adding a priveleged helper tool to your application.

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Avoiding duplicate symbol errors during linking by removing classes from static libraries

If you’re using a static library in your project and specifying the -all_load flag to ensure files containing Objective-C categories are loaded correctly, you’ll likely experience “duplicate symbol” errors at link time if the static library includes the same classes used in your project or another library.

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Enabling Remote Debugging via Private APIs in Mobile Safari

The WebKit Web Inspector in Safari & Chrome is part of every decent web developer’s toolkit, but unfortunately it’s unavailable in Mobile Safari.

Or is it?

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iOS vs. Android ICS: Hardware Accelerated Graphics Pipelines

Earlier this year, Flipboard developer Charles Ying (@charlietuna) fairly & accurately criticised Android’s immature graphics pipeline & subsequent poor drawing performance.

Android’s UX architecture needs work. UI compositing and the view system are both primarily done in software. Garbage collection and async operations frequently block UI rendering.

It sparked a wildfire of comments on the article, Hacker News, and a writeup by John Gruber, who like many others found amusement in the defensive comments of Jonathan Rockway (@jrockway) and other Android apologists. Rockway later admitted to turning off animations entirely, adding to the amusement.

Setting aside the arguments of people who seem content with hands over their eyes and fingers in their ears, Charles had a point. Technically, Android’s architecture was inferior, and it had a measurable effect on the user experience.

Things have come a long way since then, so I think it’s only fair to take another look at Android’s graphics pipeline to see if the issues have been addressed.

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Amazing response to my iOS webGL hack

Holy cow, I didn’t anticipate how well my article on enabling & using WebGL on iOS would be received! The article has been retweeted over 200 times on Twitter, and soared to 2nd place on Hacker News with a bunch of great feedback & comments.

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