Problems with Secondary-Click Being Disabled on Macbook Resume

I just stumbled across someone else who is having the same issue as me…when my Macbook wakes up from sleep I can no longer double-tap to right click. Seems petty, but it has an insane ability to piss me off. Well, knowing that someone has had to put up with the same problem, I was driven to come up with a simple fix.

Edit your crontab:

Shell command to edit your crontab
$ crontab -e

Paste the following:

Crontab entry for re-enabling secondary mouse clicks
0-59 * * * *    defaults write "Apple Global Domain" 1

This will re-enable secondary clicking every minute (poor solution, but it works). If someone knows if it’s possible to trigger a script when coming out of sleep/hibernate, please let me know in the comments.