If I Were A Woman, I'd Be Pissed

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I promised myself that this blog would be more of a technical rambling than a discussion of current blog memes.

However, I can’t help but wonder why there aren’t more woman standing up and telling people like Anil Dash (specifically, look at his articles The Old Boys Club Is For Losers and The Essentials of Web 2.0 Your Event Doesn’t Cover) where to stick it. I’d be fuming if someone dropped my name as a potential speaker at a conference purely based on my gender, race, creed or other property unrelated to that of the conference itself. An anecdote may help:

About 6 months ago, my parter graduated from university and needed to find a job. At the time, Google was on a drive to hire more women, and had specifically approached her university requesting that female graduates go along to an open house - so she went along. The decision (on Google’s part) pissed me off.

If Google had approached the university and asked for a list of the graduates with the best marks, she would have been among that list too. Instead, she was invited along because of something she didn’t work for. Her academic achievements required hardship and dedication. The fact that she started out as an X sperm did not - that part was chance.

Thankfully, she wrote up a fantastic résumé, performed well in her interview, and got a job at another respectable IT company who saw merit in her achievements rather than her gender.

This is the way it should be. I’d be just as disappointed to see my Mum or two sisters treated differently in their respective industries (Medical, Law and Architecture).

I guess when you reduce the discussions down to their base level, it’s a question of “do you believe that positive discrimination is necessary in our industry?”, or even any industry.

My opinion, is no.