Subscription Tees

I just stumbled across an interesting concept of a similar vein to Valleyschwag (which is fairly geeky, this is less-so) - T-Shirt subscriptions. What’s even cooler is that the two companies doing it are based in Australia, namely TeeSub and Swami Safari.

Both are offering similar packages. For TeeSub you pay $39 and you get a tee sent every 6 weeks, and for Swami Safari you get a tee every 5 weeks but the price changes depending on the cost of producing the shirt for that issue (at the time of writing, their first issue was $44.95 and their second issue was $34.95, so you can get a feel for how much it might be for following issues).

I’m not sure who is doing the TeeSub designs but the first issue looks pretty decent and they’re printed on American Apparel tees. With Swami Safari, they get the shirts made up themselves and the designs have been done thus far by James Hancock. I’m fairly sure that even though the shirts aren’t made by American Apparel, the people behind Swami Safari have had experience with well-cut tees through their fashion label “etc””.

Here’s issue one for TeeSub, and issues one and two for Swami Safari:

It’s going to be interesting to see how quickly this catches on. Hopefully we won’t see as many ripoffs as are commonly seen with Threadless shirts.