Golden Gate Bridge through the eyes of Google

I love time lapse photography, so the minute I saw Google Street View my first thought was that now I could create timelapse style videos of places I’ve never been!

Behold, the Golden Gate Bridge, seen through the eyes of the Google Street View car:

Oh, and here’s a nice panoramic video of Las Vegas Boulevard that I prepared earlier:

Code will come later, but to give you a brief idea of how this is done - I’ve written a crawler in Ruby which builds a matrix of panorama nodes. I then traverse the graph to find paths that can potentially produce nice videos, stitch the multi-image frames together with ImageMagick’s montage application, and then create a MJPEG stream by concatenating each individual frame into a single file. This then gets encoded as an H.264/MPEG-4 video using FFMPEG.

I’ll probably get more time to play on the weekend and release the source then when it’s in a more usable state.