Andy Clarke Announces the "CSS Eleven" at Web Directions South 2007

The opening session at Web Directions South was given to Andy Clarke, who proceeded to wrap it up with an announcement of a group put together to tackle the recent issues regarding submission of proposals and recommendations to the W3C. The eleven involved are:

  • Cameron Adams
  • Jina Bolton
  • Mark Boulton
  • Dan Cederholm
  • Andy Clarke
  • Jeff Croft
  • Aaron Gustafson
  • Jon Hicks
  • Roger Johansson
  • Richard Rutter
  • Jonathon Snook

From what was explained, their aim is to work through the CSS specifications and give feedback and examples for some of the more difficult issues, and then provide a body of work to the W3C and/or browser vendors with the hope that it things along a little faster than is currently the case. More details are sure to appear on the CSS Eleven website.

Here’s a snap of his slide: