Blaine "Runtimes Wizard" Garst Retiring after 21 years at Apple

Some of you might follow Chris Parker (@ctp) & Robert Marini (@wisequark) on Twitter, and may have noticed them mention that Blaine Garst is retiring tomorrow after 21 years & 4 months at Apple and 6 years at NeXT.

Others won’t know who Blaine Garst is, despite being exposed — at least indirectly — to the phenomenal body of work he’s been responsible for at both NeXT and Apple.

You only need to look at the lineage of his accomplishments to get an impression of the dent he’s made on the universe:

1971 PLATO user, bit-mapped graphics, chat rooms, dogfights
1974 University High School, Math & Science award
1974 exposed to UNIX by Greg Chesson
1976 University of Illinois, BA Economics
1977 UCLA MS degree requirements met, Bell Labs
1981 first person to boot UNIX on 11/782 dual processor
1984 Manager System V R2.2 (?), 1st dual processor support
1986 purchased VFS/NFS for System V Release 3 (?)
1987 co-architect of SVR4 as part of 20% purchase of Sun
1988 On “Phase-3” team when/where “Spring” named/derived
1989 “Fizix” nanokernel built on Cheriton’s “door” IPC idea, 20x cost to do remote vs local procedure call
1990 NeXT Computer, Inc.
1991 Objective-C Protocols, “ripped-off” in Java as Interfaces
1992 Foundation: “Distributed Objects”, retain/release, NSLock, NSRunloop, NSTimer, NSThread, …
1993 Direct Embedding Fast Elliptical Encryption
1994 “Foundation” on HPUX, Solaris, DEC, …
1996 JavaBridge - Java subclassing of ObjC
1998 two-GC cycle recovery in JavaBridge
2003 @try…, @synchronized
2007 ObjC2: GC,, @properties, …
2008 Blocks C,ObjC,C++; TLC: 10^6 alloc+recovery/sec/core
2009 n-GC cycle recovery (generalization of 2-GC)


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