Blaine “Runtimes Wizard” Garst Retiring after 21 years at Apple

Some of you might follow Chris Parker (@ctp) & Robert Marini (@wisequark) on Twitter, and may have noticed them mention that Blaine Garst is retiring tomorrow after 21 years & 4 months at Apple and 6 years at NeXT.

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Enabling & Using WebGL on iOS


I’ve become a lot more interested in WebGL lately, and remembered reading on Hacker News a while back that WebGL would be available in iOS 5 as part of the iAd framework.

WebGL will not be publicly available in iOS 5. It will only be available to iAd developers.

When iOS 5.0 went GM, I decided to knock up a quick WebGL demo to see what was involved & how well it performed.

Unfortunately it didn’t run at all — creating a webgl-experimental context via the canvas element’s getContext() API would fail.

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Apple’s App Store Submission Process & Java Verified

There’s a lot of discussion going on at the moment about Apple’s App Store submission process and the role that carriers play in vetting applications. When the App Store was announced, I naïvely believed that Apple had successfully cut out the carrier middleman responsible for crippling every other mobile development platform. Unfortunately, the carrier protectionist oligopoly lives on, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.

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My Feed URLs Have Changed

With Google’s acquisition of Feedburner, I’ve been locked out of my Feedburner account. Since Google doesn’t seem to be providing any level of support for the relocation process, I’ve been forced to recreate my feeds. If you’re subscribed to the article feed ( or comments feed (, you should point your feed reader to these new feed URLs:

Sorry for any inconvenience – I know I’ve found it a bit of a pain when other blogs have changed their feed URLs on me!

Enabling Verbose Push Notification Service (APNS) Logs

Those of you who are developing iPhone applications that utilise Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNS) will understand that sometimes it feels like a bit of a black hole. Fortunately, Matt Drance (Apple’s Application Frameworks Evangelist) has made a device configuration profile available which enables verbose logging in “apsd”, the daemon that runs on devices and is responsible for connecting to the APNS servers and retrieving push notifications.

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